Terms & conditions

Dear guests,

We kindly ask you to read the information below for the purpose of a more pleasant stay in our accommodation facilities:

  1. The prices expressed on our website are of an informative nature and are used for approximate calculation. You will receive the exact price in the offer after we receive your inquiry.
  2. Prices expressed on our website are calculated on the basis of basic beds, while extra beds are paid extra. The number of basic and extra beds can be found under the "Unit Details/Amenities" section.
  3. The price for a stay shorter than four (4) nights increases by 30%.
  4. Upon arrival, you are required to pay the registration fee in the amount of 5 EUR per person and the whole stay. This fee is not included in the accommodation price.
  5. Special services such as pets, final cleaning, and other that are not included in the price of accommodation, the guest must pay extra. These services should be requested when making a reservation.
  6. Pets (where allowed) are paying an extra 6-10 EUR per day.
  7. Final cleaning (where mandatory) is paid additionally 20 EUR.
  8. All numerical values (areas, distances, etc.) are given with a tolerance of +/- 20%.
  9. If there is a problem or you are not satisfied with your accommodation, please inform us immediately upon arrival at the facility so that we can take further steps, which are either repair of damage, or replacement of accommodation, i.e. relocation (if possible). Failure to do so voids all further claims.

By using any service of Paralela Tours d.o.o. you accept the terms and conditions written above.

Yours sincerely,

Paralela Tours d.o.o.